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The day-to-day operation of The Depot Youth Center is run by the Program Director. Responsibilities include organization, planning and supervision of the activities and youth who participate in the activities. The Program Director reports to the Depot’s Executive Adult Advisory Board and works closely with the Darien School system, Darien Chamber of Commerce, Darien Youth Commission, and other key members of the Darien community involved in youth activities and programs. In addition, the Program Director manages 4 assistant directors, who assist in the execution of the Depot activities and care of the Depot site.  In addition, one high school youth works at the concession stand after school/weekends.

Program Director -  Janice Marzano 

Assistant Directors: John Miceli, Matt Miceli, David Shaffer, Adam Stuart, Ken Martin.

 Office Administrator: Robin Testa


Student Executive Board – 2014–2015 School Year 

  • Co Presidents: Maddy Cush, Tiger Sullivan
  • Co Vice Presidents:Claire Billeter, Dillan Cunningham
  • Secretary: Mary Brown
  • Treasurer: Kat Culliton


The Executive Adult Advisory Board – 2014-2016

  • President:Pam Ha-Stevenson
  • Secretary: Susan Mulliken
  • Treasurer: Laura DiMeglio
  • Nomination: Sherry Ramsey
  • Events Chair: Susan Graham
  • Marketing/PR: Julie Martens
  • Social Media: Julianna Spain
  • Database/Enewsletters: Kathryn Doran
  • Ex-Officio: Susan Hamill, Debbie McLaren

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